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Life Coaching

Business/Executive Coaching







This type of coaching addresses businesses, organisations and institutions, individual entrepreneurs, executives, freelancers, employees etc.

It involves engaging in meaningful communication with individuals and/ or teams with the goal of promoting success at all levels of the organization by affecting the actions of those individuals.
It often is an experiential and individualized leader development process that builds a leaders capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational goals.

Business / Executive Coaching is conducted through one-on-one sessions, group sessions or seminars driven by data from multiple perspectives and based on mutual trust and respect.

As your Business or Executive Coach, I will enable you to understand and enhance your role in achieving business success, I will help you discover how personal characteristics, including a sense of self and personal perspectives, affect personal and business processes and the ability to reach objectives within a business context. With this method, I will help you learn how to change or accommodate personal characteristics and how to create personal and business processes that achieve your organizations and your career objectives.

Here are some of the main areas of Business / Executive Coaching

1) Knowing Yourself--Self-Insight and Understanding
- Having ready access to your thoughts and feelings and being aware of how they affect your behaviour

2) Acknowledging Your Strengths and Development Needs
- Having a realistic perception of your strengths and development needs--knowing your strengths and limitations and showing a commitment to continuous learning and self-development
- Self-belief--believing in your self-worth and capabilities

3) Managing Your Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours in Ways that Promote Behaviour Contributing to Career and Organization Success

- Self-regulation--managing your reactions and emotions constructively
- Integrity--choosing ethical courses of action and being steadfast in your principles and beliefs
- Self-responsibility--assuming personal responsibility and accountability for your performance
- Adaptability--flexibility in handling change
- Emphasizing excellence--setting for yourself, and confidently pursuing, challenging goals and high standards
- Initiative--taking independent action to change the direction of events
- Creativity and innovation--being receptive to new ideas and being able to generate alternative ways to view and define problems

4) Facilitating the Personal Transformation
- Promoting action
- Focusing on goals
- Building resiliency

5) Professional Development
- Maintaining and improving professional skills
- Career choices & development path

6) Leadership Knowledge and Credibility
- Acting as a strong and influential role model
- Developing leadership capabilities and new ways of thinking and acting that generalize to other situations and roles

7) Work-life balance

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